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The late Mr. David L. Gann’s scientific, engineering, and management experience spanned over three decades. Throughout this time period he held an integral role in numerous scientific projects.

To name a few, he was successful in developing cutting-edge technologies such as the first ultra-high-density magnetic recording medium for Zwan Magnetics (early 1980’s), which included research into the manufacture of rare-earth magnets.

Also, during the late 1990’s, in conjunction with UCLA, Mr. Gann began his research into the detection and labeling of nano-sized particles found in catalytic solutions.

His successes lead to isolating a 2-micron-sized ice particle (formed under specific electrical fields) that was stable at room temperatures and had potential biological and industrial applications.

A similar particle, also isolated by David Gann, became the center of a line of research carried out by the Department of Immunology at UCLA.


At UCLA the particle was studied and researched as a stimulant of T-cells (human immune system cells), and more than 57 blind studies were carried out, demonstrating significant improvement in immune system response.

Mr. Gann has organized educational symposiums on crucial environmental issues, including global climate change and nuclear waste cleanup in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Energy and Los Alamos National Laboratories.


He held a Bachelor’s Degree in Science UCM with post-graduate work in Physics and was responsible for bringing together scientists from numerous fields and coordinating the research that led to the discovery and utilization of Stable Water Clusters today.

He went on to design and construct the state-of-the-art facility known as D&Y Laboratories which currently is the sole manufacturer of Double Helix Water worldwide. D&Y Laboratories holds and owns the patents for Stable Water Clusters and its surrounding technologies.

After the founding of D&Y Laboratories, and upon spearheading research with the intent of improving the lot of citizens worldwide Mr. Gann sadly passed away on June 3rd, 2013.

Through the shareholders and people involved in the company his legacy and dream of bettering the lives of others lives on.

The state-of-the-art laboratory built by Mr. Gann features:


  • A Class 100 clean room, in other words it maintains less than one hundred particles larger than 0.5 microns in each cubic foot of air space. In addition to particle control, the cleanroom is temperature and humidity controlled.

  • An Atomic Force Microscope (the most advanced microscope existing today).

  • A highly advanced water filtration system, and a production line unlike any other in the world.

Produced at D&Y Laboratories (pictured below), Double Helix Water is the result of using electrical pressure that surrounds a charged particle to convert ultra-pure water into Stable Water Clusters for commercial use.

The Double Helix Water Particle and the Pioneer
Behind it.

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